Radz Invitational - 19th Challenge - 2nd - 3rd March 2024

This invitational challenge has been held annually since 2005, and involves 12 Boats from Muriwai and 12 Boats from Ahipara who compete each year in March for the Radz Trophy. 

The challenge involves fishing for two days of the designated weekend for gamefish (marlin and tuna), on a points system for landed and T/R fish.

All entered in the competition have an awesome time, with superb hospitality from the Ahiparites in the way of local seafood and meats and of course entertainment with lots of yarns and pranks being played on their fellow Anglers. 

The shotgun start on the first day of fishing at 7am is a sight to be seen from any vantage point on land and especially for the anglers on the water.

18th year tally:

Ahipara : 7 wins

Muriwai : 11 wins