Welcome to Ahipara Gamefish Club

Our Club was formed by Founder Kevin Griffiths- an Ahipara local with a passion for fishing.

It was decided back in January 2006 to represent our locals with a designated place to weigh fish, and the Ahipara Gamefish Club was born.

We are a strong representation with a broad range of keen fishos - young and old, men, women and kids - who love to catch fish, weigh them in and brag about them over a few refreshments.

Our main Club Weigh Station is located at Paul and Brenda Radaly's ajoining Ginty and Michelle Morrogh's place. 32 Korora Road, Ahipara.

We have a strong network of Volunteers doing various jobs with a great working Committee.

For Information have a look at the various Tabs.  We welcome members to join from all around the North, West or East Coasts. 

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